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“Lost Causes”

Individual actions shape the politics of our time. What we see and what we wish to see create a desire to influence our society in a better direction. We cannot choose not to care. Our conscience does not allow indifference; it merely determines the level of involvement we are compelled to give of ourselves. It is easy to be disengaged… (more…)

Voters decide direction of our future

In most things we want to choose our direction. That’s why automobiles have steering wheels, and trains glide on pre-laid tracks and boats have sails that harness the wind. We are not content to just go. We want to have a choice in the direction. That is why we vote. Our nation’s election process gives us the opportunity and responsibility… (more…)

Future depends on our current political decisions

In 2002 during the Tim Johnson and John Thune Senate race I cared, I voted and I sat on my couch all night watching the results come in. I did not know there was something else I could do, but I had the desire to do more. In 2004 I was asked to volunteer by someone I’d never met, and… (more…)

Americans need constant perseverance

In his inaugural address seventy-six years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous words, “we have nothing to fear but fear itself,” echoed throughout the countryside. In a time when the average American was struggling to find food, families continued looking to the future. They didn’t give up; they persevered. Their determination inspired future generations to dream bigger.When I watch the… (more…)

Everyone has something to contribute

In a world that constantly seems to be getting smaller, our communities seem to be getting farther away from each other. In our recent presidential election, we had two men of different ages, beliefs, ideologies and parties telling Americans to get involved in their society, to pull their communities closer, and to make an already great country even greater. This… (more…)