Stimulus not answer

Charles Darwin

In the free-market system, companies that don’t succeed are required to restructure and become competitive, or they will be replaced by something better, cheaper and more attractive.
The stimulus package might have been passed with the best of intentions, but it only delays the hard decisions.
Do we want government dictating what is available – from the cars we drive to the health care we receive?
Each individual should choose what products best suit him or her. Archaic business models, no matter how successful in their heyday, eventually become obsolete. The federal government needs to step aside and let people and industries grow.
As a country, we should not accept mediocrity. One idea from Charles Darwin that resonates with our free-market structure: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” It seems that the candidate who campaigned on change is the one clinging the tightest to the structures of the past.
When government takes charge, it acts on the belief that the methods of the past are superior to those of the future, that yesterday trumps tomorrow and the American spirit is limited. While many past entrepreneurial ideas were incredibly bold for their time, new ideas more adapted to our current society continue to take shape and transform the old. In some cases, existing companies will not make the changes required, and those businesses will fail.

This is always a crisis to the individual who loses work, but we also have the opportunity to adapt and create a better life. Are we to believe that the future is empty of new ideas; that the ones we see struggling today are the peak of our country’s greatness? When old ideas fail and methods that companies used stop working, no matter how great they once were, it is time for businesses to absorb new ideas and adapt to survive.
Adapting to the ever-changing demands of the world and providing the consumer with the best will never be easy, but those businesses that do will be the ones that thrive and prosper. Businesses subsidized or run by the government don’t need to adapt because they are never faced with failure.
If we allow the process to work unrestrained by government forces, natural selection will produce the most innovative ideas.
With government support, we prop up the weak and in the meantime weaken the strong. According to free market theory, a business that is run poorly must evolve from its present state or it will become extinct. Politicians need to accept that change is hard but progress depends on it.
When we see children take that first step we know how scary it is. They do not know whether they will fall. Repeatedly taking first steps is what our economic system requires. We can never lose the courage to take them.

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